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As the survivors of their brutal assault flee south, a desperate alliance of Complete Unit Challenges throughout Season VI to promote your existing units to the ranks of the Landsknechts, the Defeat the Desecrators and tackle new Seasonal Challenges in Season VI to unlock 100+ free and premium...Feb 15, 2016 · The 32nd Season of "Survivor" is set to premiere on Wednesday, February 17, so it seems like a pretty good time to take a look back at some of the best seasons of Survivor that have aired up until now. 10. Survivor Samoa. What really makes this season so interesting is Russell Hantz. The first season of Survivor dominated the ratings in the summer of 2000, helped spur the reality-TV craze, and inspired countless water-cooler jokes about getting voted off the island. The first season established the formula that would continue, with sometimes surprising variations, over numerous subsequent seasons: 16 people intended to ...