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Aside from general Desmos-awesomeness, there are a few specific benefits here: Students confirm the numerical work they’ve summarized in the table. Errors in a sequence are often easier to spot in graphical form than numerical form. Here is my Desmos Webinar about creating assessments and self-checking Desmos Activity Builders. Other Sequences: Interactive Resources. When technology is used effectively the results are phenomenal. This selection of top-quality resources allows you to demonstrate key concepts in a visual, interactive manner, and students to hypothesise and investigate . Contents. GeoGebra; Wolfram Alpha Widgets; Desmos Classroom Activities Part 2: Create a scenario for a geometric sequence. For example, Anthony goes to the gym for _____ minutes on Monday. Every day he _____his gym time by _____. If he continues this pattern, how many minutes will he spend at the gym on the 5th day? Be sure to fill in the blanks with the words that will create a geometric sequence.