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Rebulit 1970 Numbers Matching 302 Boss D0ZE Engine For Sale Advertised On This Is 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 with a 429ci (stroker) An muscle car beast with one of the best First start/break-in of a Boss 302 crate motor with Inglese stack injection. We're twin-turbo'ing this...This Boss 302 Crate Engine (M-6007-X2302E) makes 340 reliable horsepower. Aluminum cylinder heads, a four-bolt main block, and forged internals are just Additional Notes: - This Ford Performance Create Engine does NOT include the Intake Manifold or Distributor. - Steel Distributor Gear required.Mar 31, 2020 · Ford rated its stock small-block 302 engine as having between 200 and 230 horsepower. The engine can be modified, however, to increase the horsepower to over 400. By upgrading just the cylinder heads, headers and rockers, the Ford 302 can put out as much as 402 horsepower.