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Incentive Spirometry x10 q 1H Toradol (if eGFR>60) 15mg IV q6H Address stoma care and ileostomy teaching Encourage Incentive Spirometry x10 q 1H Limited Clears (<500 ml per shift) Address delirium precautions Foley Catheter to gravity. Gum Chewing encouraged Goal FSBG < 180 DVT Proph: Heparin 5kU SQ TID Gabapentin 600mg PO QHS To further assist the learner in attaining the stated goals, the program is organized in a logical manner that places information and modeling before self-attempts. Additionally, by maintaining a positive attitude about the learner's cultural background, feelings, and learning style, the program increases the chances of success. The Italian made RespiProgram Incentive spirometer is used to help exercise and strengthen the diaphragm and accessory respiratory muscles. The device has a 12mm one directional connector and the flow rates indicated are 600mL/s, 900mL/s and 1200mL/s respectively. Made in Italy Pricing includes GST Shipping is a flat r