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The least serious felony is a state jail felony. If convicted of a state jail felony, you must serve the entire length of your sentence—there is no time off your sentence for good behavior. On the other hand, your Houston Criminal Defense Attorney could potentially have your state jail felony lowered to a misdemeanor with no jail time. May 08, 2018 · Prosecution of Prank Calls under Penal Code 653m PC (a) If you annoy or threaten someone over the phone, you may be criminally charged under Penal Code 653m PC Under PC 653m(a), it is illegal to make any contact with another person that uses “obscene” language or threatens the person, their property or their family. • Personal use and possession of marijuana in the state of Alabama is considered a Class A misdemeanor; subsequent offense or possession of marijuana for other than personal use is a Class C felony. • The sale of marijuana is a Class B felony if the individual sells to minors, or within 3 miles of a school campus.