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When we attach the modifier .animation(.default) to a view, SwiftUI will automatically animate any changes that happen to that view using whatever is the default system animation. In practice, that is an "ease in, ease out" animation, which means iOS will start the animation slow, make it pick up speed, then slow down as it approaches its end.Oct 25, 2020 · SwiftUI Video Player Tutorial. October 25, 2020. / Arthur Knopper. The VideoPlayer is a view which embeds a AVPlayer including all controls for playblack. In this tutorial a video is loaded from a URL and played in a a VideoPlayer view. This tutorial is built for iOS 14 with Xcode 12 which can be download at the Apple developer portal. Mar 27, 2018 · I believe there’s a fertility to the idea of semi-transparent comptuer windows and pass-through mouse and keystroke events. I can imagine several novel applications that extend far beyond a simple video player, software that could allow us to absorb an amalgam of information at a much faster rate.