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The definition of a FLOAT data type is a synonym for DOUBLE. In Hive, a FLOAT always refers to a 32-bit floating point value, which corresponds to the JAVA FLOAT data type. In Big SQL, the REAL data type is a synonym for the Hive FLOAT data type. To migrate Hive and Big SQL applications, complete the following actions: data type A data type, or type, is a classification of a particular kind of information. It can be defined by its permissible values and operations. Data types used in the primitiv program are C++ primitive data types. primitive data type A primitive data type is a data type provided as a basic building block by a programming language. geo_point. For geo_point fields in Elasticsearch, this connector will create two separate Tableau fields by parsing the lat, lon value: Latitude - field will be named <field-name>_latitude - float type. Longitude - field will be named <field-name>_longitude - float type.