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These are the best 10+ free IPTV apps to download on android and iOS and it is updated in 2018. By free, these iptv apps are free to use on your device. Since the most recent update has been pushed to my firestick i cant download any 3rd party apps, the permission option to either allow or deny in manage applications has been removed by the firmware update, so its time to throw the firestick into the trash as most apps that are available via the app store or by searching on the stick are of no use what so ever to me. Windows, Mac Software de producción y transmisión en vivo galardonado y fácil de usar. Te permite agregar cámaras, capturas de pantalla en vivo, títulos, imágenes y mucho más con solo hacer clic en un botón o hacer clic y arrastrar para cambiar la posición y el tamaño de los elementos.